About us

Thanks to many years of experience and highly qualified specialist staff, we can offer you a high-quality range of further training courses

Especially in the areas:

  • Guard trade / security trade
  • Bodyguard / personal protection training
  • Weapons certificate examination according to § 7 WaffG
  • Preparation for the proficiency test according to § 34a GewO

We offer you:

  • Highly qualified lecturers / trainers
  • Practice-oriented training
  • Several years of experience in adult qualification
  • Our lecturers are represented in various examination committees
  • Individual participant support
  • Placement on the first job market

The BZBG Bildungszentrum für das Bewachungsgewerbe GmbH works closely with the service companies, the personal and property protection industry, as well as the guard and security companies. We are observing that the need for qualified specialists is constantly increasing.

With the measures described, BZBG GmbH can meet precisely these requirements. After successful completion, each participant can apply for an IHK degree in the variety of these companies and develop specializations in the companies.

The diverse activities of our employees ensure a well-founded and practical transfer of knowledge.

The aim of the measures is to bring the participants into permanent, full employment that is subject to compulsory insurance. In order to decisively reduce possible deficits and possible obstacles to integration of the participants in the measure, the necessary qualifications that potential employers expect should be imparted.

This professional knowledge transfer is always geared to the individual educational needs of the respective participant. For this reason, BZBG GmbH offers various module packages that promise a high probability and sustainability of being placed on the first job market.

Through a practical and action-oriented teaching method, a close connection to later activities is established. This also results in differentiated methods in teaching and practical instruction.

In-house and continuous further training, self-study and participation in special external events ensure that our employees have the currently required, professional and educational knowledge. Our lecturers have at least the relevant expertise in their field with relevant experience in adult education.

We would be happy to convince you of the quality of our work in the areas of:

  • body guard
  • Preparation for the proficiency test according to §34a GewO
  • security guard
  • Security force 50+

as well as further training and further education in the service sector of the guarding / security trade